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Feature Writing Canvas

The main goal when describing features is to make sure they add value to users – thus justifying investments from a business perspective. Once you have taken steps to understand users’ needs and to validate your hypotheses, use this canvas to communicate your goals in a clear way. Read more

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Feature Slicing Guide

This guide assists you when you slice features where data usage/accessibility is part of the solution. You will find pertinent questions and useful tips that help you to achieve better-sized features within SAFe - and also give you inputs for portioning your work in any other agile framework. Read more

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Facilitation Canvas

Planing and holding meetings, workshops or agile rituals that truly create value demands appropriate preparation. This canvas gives you an overview of topics and tasks to consider in order to achieve more effectiveness and energy in such joint activities. Watch video

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Objective-Writing Guide

When writing a PI objective (or other team goals), you want to formulate it in a way that helps teams understand the objective’s context, its ambition and their contribution to it. This guide helps you to clarify these points and start with a shared sense of direction.

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Presentation Building Guide

Demos and/or presentations don’t have to be compiled last-minute. This guide and its canvas help you to build comprehensive, meaningful and informative presentations in no time, taking into account different aspects of your journey and communicating the value created for users and business.

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UX Maturity Self Check Canvas

This Canvas helps teams to assess their user experience maturity. Its descriptions give guidance on what teams can do to advance their UX maturity based on their aspiration level. The canvas works both on a team level as well as for internal products.

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